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Take What You Need

Take What You Need


Affirmations can greatly benefit children's mental health and overall well-being. By incorporating positive self-talk into their daily routine, children develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence. Affirmations help them cultivate a growth mindset, where they believe in their ability to learn, grow, and overcome challenges. These positive statements also serve as a tool for managing stress and anxiety, providing a calming and reassuring mental anchor. By encouraging a positive outlook and fostering optimism, affirmations empower children to approach life's obstacles with resilience and hope. This bundle includes over 120 affirmations that allow children to 'take what they need' at any time.


8.5 x 11 inches



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Feedback from real mental health providers

“I want to express deep gratitude to you for creating your digital products. I have bought several things that have really benefited the beautiful humans on my caseload. I have seen progress with so many people. Thank you so much. I will keep supporting your shop. You provide REAL Value.”

Nicole, USA

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