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By Therapists,
For Therapists


Our Mission

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To provide therapeutic resources that stand out from the usual. Our tools are always: 

Research Based

Based on Psychological Principles


No Jargon, Easy to Understand


Not Out of Touch


Tools You Actually Want to Look at

We hope to enhance the wellbeing of mental health practitioners in our community by providing easy to use resources all in one place.  

You're not a boring therapist, so why should your tools be?

Our Story

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Part I

When I was a therapist in training, I was desperate for resources and tools. I sought anything to help me get the hang of things.

I found some resources here and there that we're helpful, but found that they were often: 


  • Full of Jargon

  • Out of Touch

  • Plain and Bland

As a therapist who myself did not connect with the classic black and white, clinical worksheets, I found my clients also did not resonate with these tools. 

Part II

Like most of us, as I continued my journey to becoming a competent therapist, I became less reliant on these jargon-filled, bland worksheets.
However, there were still times where I needed visual aids, worksheets, or tools for enhancing my therapeutic treatment. This is when I put my design knowledge to use and began making my own. 

It was important to me that my tools were different than the ones already available. My goal was and continues to be that our tools are:

  • Research Based

  • Accessible

  • Vibrant and Engaging 

Part III

I began using these tools with clients and found great success. Then, I shared with colleagues who also loved that they could use tools that were both research-based and engaging visually. 

While I had shared with colleagues and clients quite a lot, starting to sell the resources was a leap for me. This store is the result of that leap.

Since making that big, scary leap, mspsychotherapist has supported tens of thousands of mental health providers enhance their clinical practice. We have sold over 35,000 resources through our shop!

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