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Playlists for Mental Health

Playlists for Mental Health


Music has an extraordinary ability to touch our emotions and evoke powerful feelings within us. Its melodies, harmonies, and rhythms speak to the deepest parts of our being, triggering memories, intensifying moods, and allowing us to experience a range of emotions. Whether it's the cathartic release of a sad ballad, the energizing pulse of an upbeat track, or the tranquil serenity of a soothing melody, music serves as a universal language. Playlists offer a powerful tool for validating and coping with our emotions. By curating a collection of songs that align with our feelings, we create a personalized soundtrack that acknowledges and validates our emotional experiences. This bundle includes the tools required to curate validating playlists. 


8.5 x 11 inches



  • 1 PDF File


This file is for personal use only and cannot be altered, reproduced or resold commercially.

Feedback from real mental health providers

“I want to express deep gratitude to you for creating your digital products. I have bought several things that have really benefited the beautiful humans on my caseload. I have seen progress with so many people. Thank you so much. I will keep supporting your shop. You provide REAL Value.”

Nicole, USA

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