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Happy Hand Memories

Happy Hand Memories


The 'Happy Hand Memory' worksheet provides a gentle and effective means to ground oneself during triggering moments. By tapping into the healing power of visualization and art therapy, it empowers individuals to find solace and strength based on a safe, happy memory.  This worksheet is designed to aid individuals in trauma therapy, visualization, and art therapy processes. Rooted in the principles of healing and emotional well-being, this worksheet encourages users to create a powerful and comforting anchor for moments of emotional distress.


8.5 x 11 inches



  • 1 PDF File


This file is for personal use only and cannot be altered, reproduced or resold commercially.

Feedback from real mental health providers

“I want to express deep gratitude to you for creating your digital products. I have bought several things that have really benefited the beautiful humans on my caseload. I have seen progress with so many people. Thank you so much. I will keep supporting your shop. You provide REAL Value.”

Nicole, USA

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