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Coping Ice Cream Cones

Coping Ice Cream Cones


Coping Cones are a fun and interactive resource designed to empower kids and parents to manage and cope with big emotions. Just like choosing their favorite ice cream flavor, children can select a coping skill that resonates with them, turning challenging moments into opportunities for growth and self-discovery. This resource makes coping strategies fun and engaging for children and parents and can help facilitate meaningful conversations about calming and coping strategies. It also provides a visual cue for children to plan ahead. 


How to Use:
1. Create, Print, and Cut: Simply print out the Coping Cones and cut to create individual ice cream tops. You can also use the editable file to make your own cones!
2. Choose a Flavor: When a child is feeling overwhelmed, let them choose a Coping Cone flavor that speaks to them in that moment. Or plan ahead and ask the child which flavor they like if they're feeling overwhelmed.
3. Explore Together: Discuss the chosen coping skill with the child and encourage them to use it as a tool to navigate their feelings. Be sure to teach the skill prior to expectations. 
4. Create Connection: Coping Cones are an excellent way for parents and children to connect, share, and learn together.


8.5 x 11 inches




  • 1 PDF File


This file is for personal use only and cannot be altered, reproduced or resold commercially.

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