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Brain and Neuroscience

Brain and Neuroscience


A bundle of unique Neuroscience and Brain-based worksheets, visual aids, and posters perfect for psychoeducation or enhancement of clinical understanding. Psychoeducation about the brain is a valuable tool in therapy because it can help clients understand how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are influenced by the complex workings of the brain. When clients gain a basic understanding of the brain and how it functions, they can better understand their symptoms and how to manage them. It can also help to reduce stigma and self-blame associated with mental health challenges. Additionally, psychoeducation can provide clients with a sense of control and empowerment, as they learn about the brain's plasticity and the potential for change. 


The pages cover the following topics:
Brain Regions, Brain Functions, Models of the Brain, Hand Model of the Brain, Brain Organization, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Neurons & Synapses, The Brain & Trauma, Brain Chemicals, Mood, Brain Changes, Stress & Worry, The Response System, The Nervous System, Fight, Flight, Flee, Memory, Trauma and Memory, Brain Dumping, and Worksheets.



8.5 x 11 inches



  • 1 PDF File


This file is for personal use only and cannot be reproduced or resold commercially.

Feedback from real mental health providers

“I want to express deep gratitude to you for creating your digital products. I have bought several things that have really benefited the beautiful humans on my caseload. I have seen progress with so many people. Thank you so much. I will keep supporting your shop. You provide REAL Value.”

Nicole, USA

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