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When will I recieve my purchase?

All of the items on this site are digital download items. This means that you will not recieve anything in the mail. Instead materials are sent directly to the email that you entered at checkout! Be sure to check your spam folders if you're not able to find your items.

Who creates these digital products?

All of the items on this website are created by the sole owner of the site who is a registered and practicing Clinical Counsellor.

How do I use the digital products?

First off, check your email for your downloads after you've purchased. Once you download the items you can start using them in your practice or for yourself. The materials are printer friendly!

I never recieved my order! 

If you haven't recieved your order, you can do a few things prior to reaching out. Firstly, check your spam and promotional folders. If they're not there, try and ensure you've waited about 30 minutes after purchasing. Sometimes the system can be just a bit delayed. If after 30 minutes you still haven't recieved your item please feel free to reach out via email.

Can I share your products with others?

Digital download products are for independent use only. This means that while you can use the files 1:1 with clients, they cannot be distributed. For example, printing off a copy for a client is encouraged, but sending out copies to all of your clients would infringe on our distribution policy.


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